Mardan         -         Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) central leader and former federal minister Nawabzada Muhammad Khan Hoti on Sunday alleged that the PTI government had drowned the country’s economy and people were starving due to inflation storm.  

He expressed these views while talking to a delegation led by PPP Tehsil Rustam president Haji Nawab Ali. The delegation was comprised of former candidates of Buner Wasim Akram, Latambar Bacha, Haji Fayyaz Ali, Aurangzeb Khan and others. 

Kh Hoti said if all opposition parties including PPP did not come to the streets it would be a great cruelty with the poor people. He claimed that Imran Khan, who had promised 10 million jobs, was now making people jobless. 

He said efforts were being made to abolish pensions while prices of electricity, gas and other basic necessities were increasing with every passing day. Kh Hoti said, “In the current situation the media has a heavy responsibility. Imran Khan and his companions have made life for the poor people difficult.”  

He supported Maulana Fazl-ur-Rahman’s efforts to bring masses to the streets against the rulers in this disturbing situation.  “In such a situation there is no other choice. Everyone has to take to the streets to round up the rulers.”