LAHORE          -        Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice-President Maryam Nawaz has claimed that the people of Pakistan wanted Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan again in power. Maryam Nawaz took to twitter to share the pictures of the masses reception she received in her travel from Lahore to Islamabad on the Motorway. She informed that she met the people who had come from Karachi and other areas of the country when she resided in Bhera area of Punjab during the journey. Maryam said that when she stopped at Bhera for the lunch, the people surrounded her and asked about her father Nawaz Sharif.  “Whether to use the religion card or to use the traitor card, the work of the PML-N will speak,” she added. “The people are demanding salvation from the mess of the PTI government.” She claimed that the love for Nawaz Sharif in the people have increased while the masses wanted return of Nawaz Sharif so that he assume the power and bring back Pakistan on the track.