Cassie DePecol, the first woman to travel to each of the world’s sovereign countries, called Pakistan the ‘biggest surprise’ for her during the voyage and said she will go back to the country ‘in a heartbeat’.

During an interview on a TV channel, DePecol shared her experience about Pakistan.

“There were situations I have been in and countries that prove to be really surprising, but most recently it is Pakistan,” she said.

The traveler further said that the country has certain image in media. “People think it is really dangerous but this was the place I always wanted to go.

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“For me there was never a danger factor and when I reached Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, I was welcomed with open arms by local people.

“The people are smart, friendly, kind, country has different ecosystems, food was amazing and I felt completely safe there.

“I did not have to cover myself like in Afghanistan, I could walk on my own and it was a really really beautiful experience in Pakistan,” she said.

The Guinness record holder also shared how she collected the funds for her travel.