M Hamza Khan  -  This has been a very normal and regular observation since the previous five years in the sub-tropical and tropical regions of the globe, namely the sub-continent and its surroundings that there has been a significant stretch in the span of summers along with a general addition in the maximum temperature hit every year reaching around 60oC while winters lasting shorter and less cold.

These changes have not been recorded as "drastic" yet they are slowly guiding us to the edge of the precipitous of life making extinction our final destiny.

Researches and scientists have spent many of the recent years finding the reasons to this problem.

Researches have proven the human race, itself, is writing its own death. They label global warming as a reason to this problem. Broadening over the definition of Global Warming; it is the rise in temperature of Earth due to trapping of sun's heat by and extensively grown blanket of greenhouse gases that include Carbon dioxide, Methane and Ozone.

This effect is also known as the greenhouse effect that resulted in also the rise in temperature of planet Venus hence resulting in all it water being evaporated. Are we looking forward to a similar extinction making earth equal to a live hell?

The reasons why such a fatal extinction awaits our way are namely; Deforestation, use of chlorofluorocarbons, excessive release of carbon dioxide, wild fires, industrialization, combustion of methane, volcanic eruptions and depletion of the ozone layer.

Deforestation results in the massive cutting down of trees due to urbanization and requirement of farming land due to the increasing human population that results in the destabilization of the carbon cycle resultantly reducing the rate by which carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere hence causing global warning to occur. We are removing the natural filters of the air we breathe making every inspiration poisonous.

Chlorofluorocarbons are chemicals that are used in perfumes and air freshener cans because their exceedingly volatile characteristic, however, these chlorofluorocarbons are non-decomposable hence they result in the depletion of ozone layer: our only protection against the Ultraviolent rays of the sun whose entrance results in massive rise of the temperature of the Earth.  

Where are global environmental organisations? Where is Pakistan's government? Why can't we plant more trees than there are to be cut? Why do we overgraze our lands? Why aren't there population control plans and schemes? If everyone works in their own way this issue can be solved to a great extent.

Dear readers this is our land. If we do not save it then who will? Where was global warming when humans did not exist? This proves the fact the we alone are responsible for this change and we are the ones who must put an end to it.

We cannot cut down the natural release of greenhouse gases such as volcanic eruptions or respiration but nature has provided us with solutions to this natural release. We have, through our carelessness exploited this well-balanced system of nation hence we are to find a quick and long-lasting solution to the rising problem. Some of them are afforestation, selective deforestation, reduced release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases by cutting down our use of chlorofluorocarbons, using catalytic converters in our cars and minimizing the combustion of fossil fuels that is actually shifting to renewable energy resources from non-renewable ones which is important to balance the ecosystem.

If not taken care of this rising issue there is no doubt in the opinion that we will successfully roast our souls in the coming fifty years along with many other species and organisms roasting our lives in an oven we might have been created ourselves. Did god create hell or are we creating one for ourselves?