LAHORE-Short movies and sitcoms are widely considered to be the best tool to deliver a particular message loud and clear, because they are topic centric and don’t deviate from the core concern. Sadia Jabbar’s Production Shameless Proposals has followed suit and its first episode never really let us blink an eye!

Macho-Man ‘Say No to Physical Violence’- The title of the first episode of Shameless Proposals perfectly does justice to it by solidly sticking to its theme. How many projects do we have in our entertainment industry that identify the plague, state the reasons behind it and also prescribe its cure? - Almost none.

And there are even fewer that pin point a certain taboo topic and deliver its message so effectively.

Sadia Jabbar Productions has fine-crafted this web series, in a humorous way, making sure not to hurt any sentiments, while delivering this much needed message. The first episode targets the curse of physical violence in our patriarchal society. The 8-minute episode covers some really important issues to ponder upon - the root cause, the continued existence and the solution against domestic violence.

The Traditional Mother’s Mindset

A male dominant society tunes a woman to such a frequency where physical abuse doesn’t remain a concerned problem anymore and of course, ‘bahukokaaboo main rakhney k liyetohzaroorihai!’

Women’s Rights Campaigns

 have much more ground to gain

Certain elements of our society often blame the ‘Western culture’ to have negatively influenced it. Women’s Rights campaigns and activists are similarly criticized - of course for educating women about their rights. Duh!!!

The Guy’s Perspective

 The episode shows that sometimes it’s not completely a guy’s fault either – to be violent by nature. He has discovered his surroundings to be so; has been trained and encouraged to develop a complexed personality. In doing so, unfortunately the guy doesn’t disappoint.

The Girl’s Perspective

  A girl looks for a life partner, who understands her and provides her a platform to flourish; not a bodyguard with big, bulging biceps to show off his strength. Good news for the nerds! Our biased society typically approves of every opportunity for a man to achieve what he deems fit. But when it comes to a woman - we demand her to accept every circumstance she is put in, to smile even in tedious situations, and to obey and serve unconditionally. To achieve this, what’s implemented to keep the woman in line? – Nothing much; just PHYSICAL VIOLENCE! The situation will not change until the woman herself does not speak up. The episode gives us blue prints of how a woman can try not letting down her shield and being a dessert for the abusive man to devour. Even when the world is against her, she can fight for her rights . There should be no compromise to domestic violence. It doesn’t just hurt the body; it brutally kills off the soul. We are eagerly waiting for what the next episode of Shameless Proposals has to offer.