BAHAWALPUR                   -          Vice-Chancellor Islamia University Bahawalpur Dr Athar Mahboob has told to teachers and students about University conduct regarding continuation of non-traditional education during countrywide coronavirus lockdown.

He said to the students, teachers and university administration that as you all know, Islamia University has decided to continue its educational activities using information and communication technology in the current situation.

The purpose of this procedure is to:

• Prevent students from wasting their valuable time so that the current semester can be completed by September 7th.

Preparing Islamic University for academic and research activities in the face of future uncertainties, where it is feared that the lockdown may not be prolonged.

Maintain contact with students and students in this emergency situation and through this contact, Islamia University students and teachers are prepared, organized and prepared to play their role in society in dealing with difficult situations.

All students are assured by the Islamic University administration that:

• Resources available to students and teachers in the non-traditional / electronic method of teaching will be taken into account.

• The principle of relaxation in grading, assessment / examinations will be given priority so as not to be unfair to students and teachers.

• Educational materials and methods of communication will be tailored to the objective situation and to the technical and economic conditions of the students.

He appealed to all teachers and students to contribute their best to the success of the Islamic University-designated process and to improve it by adopting this strategy rather than performing unnecessary negative practices. 

He advised to all that work closely with the administration of Islamia University to overcome this difficult time.