There is more to Ramadan than merely fasting. The blessed month instills in Muslims a sense of submission to the Almighty coupled with a zealous spirit of giving alms and helping the needy. This time of the year also witnesses the disbursement of Zakat - the 2.5 percent mandatory charity due on one’s savings each year. People tend to donate generously in this month and it makes sense for NGOs to look forward to Ramadan more than anyone else, being a volunteer for an NGO, I know how most of the fiscal years banks heavily on Zakat contributions budget.

The spirit of Ramadan is displayed on vast number of billboards of the city by appeals for donations to NGOs, the rest, ironically, flashing glamorous couture and Eid collections by designer outfits, giving our public a multidimensional scale of ways to spend hard-earned money. The views seen at any crossroad in the city provide food for thought, and forces one to think of the crossroad, we as a society are stranded at.


Lahore, July 28.