KARACHI        -   The Sindh government organised a one-day seminar on filing of Income Tax, Sales Tax returns, Wealth Statement and Annual Employer Statements, on Thursday 1st august 2019 in the conference hall of Sindh Secretariat Karachi.  The officers of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and B-Filer have briefed the officers of provincial government regarding Income Tax, Sales Tax returns, Wealth Statement and Annual Employer Statements. The seminar was attended by the officers of grade 19 to grade 21 of various departments of the Sindh Government. The session started with the briefing/presentation of FBR and B-Filer authorities. The FBR officers have stated that 79,000 officers are in tax net of the FBR as per their salary slabs but only 13,000 officers are filling their tax returns. The FBR authorities have further stated that last date of filling tax returns is 2nd August but the FBR has made a formal request to the government for the extension in date for government employees. Chief Secretary Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah highly appreciated the FBR and B-Filer Teams for their briefing and presentations. The Chief Secretary Sindh further stated that the Seminar is very beneficial and supporting about filing tax returns by the government officers. He further stated that its responsibility of every government employee to file their tax returns as per law. He asked the FBR authorities to hold such Seminars/gatherings frequently for better understanding and interaction between the taxpayers and tax collectors.