LAHORE-Asim Azhar has been one of the finest young singers that Pakistan has today. At 22 he has accomplished things that are far greater than many. With his latest single “Jo Tu Na Mila” Asim has been in news both in India and Pakistan. This young musician’s new song is beautiful ballad with powerful lyrics that straight up connect with a broken heart.

Showing immaculate ability and precision, Asim has left everyone astonished with a soulful song and has set a milestone in creating marvelous music that is the true representation of art. The video of the song features the talented Iqra Aziz and Waleed Khan and is a fabulous illustration of heartbreak that often people go through in their life’s.

Having reached a total of 15 million views in a few days this song is definitely the song of the season and has people addicted to Asim Azhar’s melodious voice. The video portrays a brokenhearted Asim who is still fighting for his love and is not ready to let go.

The music video direct by Yasir Jaswal was simply exceptional in which every character goes in tandem with the heart wrenching lyrics and connects impeccably with the audience.

Speaking about his song Asim said that he was very pleased and indebted for the expanse of affection and encouragement that people have poured from both India and Pakistan for ‘Jo Tu Na Mila’.  The song is very close to him as it took him six month’s to bring it to life and that is the longest it has taken to create something. He further elaborated that every song for an artist is just like their baby and this song is very close to him.  Done in collaboration is VYRL Originals in India, Jo Tu Na Mila has everyone captivated with the spectacular tune.