LAHORE        -        The Royal Palm Golf Team succeeded in running down the champions from Lahore Gymkhana and Defence Raya in the 2019 Inter Club Golf Teams contest that concluded here at the Defence Raya Golf Course on Sunday.

The 20-member Royal Palm Golf Team, comprising 10 players in handicap category 0 top 9 and 10 in handicap category 10 to 16, ended the championship in glory, taking home the much sought after Lahore Cup glittering trophy introduced by Lt Gen (r) M Tariq, six years back.

This team championship was held over three days, first day at Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course contested on three ball six some alternate shot format, followed by the second round at Royal Palm Golf Course on stable ford format and now the final one at Defence Raya Golf Course on singles match play format. Based on the aggregate scores of the first two days competitions held on Friday and Saturday, Royal Palm had accumulated 49 points while Lahore Gymkhana had 40.5 points and Defence Raya lagged behind at 30.5 points.

The final 18 holes competition at Defence Raya was crucial and at stake in the singles match play contest was a total of 60 points which means that the ultimate victorious one could have been either of the three teams although Royal Palm enjoyed an advantage, as they ended up as leaders after the first round and again after the second round.

For the Royal Palm Golf Team, the stars of the final day were two retired generals, Lt Gen (R) Hilal Hussain, who is also President of Pakistan Golf Federation (PGF) and Lt Gen (R) M Tariq, who won their matches through brilliant performances and became an inspiration for their team mates.

At the conclusion of the superbly-organized final round of this three-tier Inter Club Golf Championship battled out between, Royal Palm, Gymkhana and Defence Raya Teams, Lahore Gymkhana Team Captain Omer Zia, previous holder of the trophy, awarded the glittering trophy to Royal Palm Team Captain Abdullah Sharif in the presence of participating team players at Defence Raya Golf Club.