MIRPUR (AJK)             -           With a view to finding out the real culprits and bringing them to the justice, the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) has filed a Civil Miscellaneous Application (CMA) before the Supreme Court against the elements which were involved in filing a false complaint to the NAB and a frivolous writ petition in the Lahore High Court against award of Consultancy Contract for Mohmand Dam to impede development of water resources in general and construction of Mohmand Dam Hydropower Project in particular, WAPDA sources told this Correspondent on Sunday.

In the CMA filed before the 5-Member Implementation Bench of the Supreme Court, the Wapda has prayed that the apex court may direct the investigating agencies to find out the real culprit behind such frivolous exercises against the projects by unnecessarily involving the courts, the NAB and the executing organisations.

It is pertinent to mention that a complaint was lodged in the name of Mehboob Elahi to the NAB on May 21, 2019 against award of Consultancy Contract for Mohmand Dam Project. The NAB was requested to take action against the Wapda for procuring the consultancy services in violation of the rules. Soon after, a writ petition was also filed in the Lahore High Court on May 25, 2019 using the name and identity of Mehboob Elahi, requesting the Court to issue a stay order against the award of the said contract.

The NAB started probe into the matter. Later on, the Lahore High Court also directed the NAB chairman to decide the complaint. Subsequently, the Wapda provided complete record in the matter as sought by the NAB, stating that the whole process was completed in accordance with the relevant rules.

Meanwhile, the NAB also summoned the complainant - Mehboob Elahi, a resident of Choti Zerein of Dera Ghazi Khan District - through its office in Multan and the police to substantiate his case. Mehboob Elahi denied filing of any such complaint to the NAB or writ petition in the Lahore High Court, stating that neither he has any nexus with the complaint and writ petition nor he is interested to become part of the proceedings.

Consequently, the complaint was dismissed by the NAB chairman after adopting due process of law.

The Wapda in the CMA mentioned that it is clear from the cavalier attitude of the petitioner that somebody, if not he, is trying to create hindrance which will affect the smooth and timely construction of Mohmand Dam. It also speaks volumes about the modus operandi of the fourth generation warfare being used against the construction of a project of immense national importance, the CMA further states.