Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) leader Captain (r) Safdar on Friday said the ruling party leaders are appearing before courts in respect of the institutions.

“Not a single penny corruption was proved against former Prime Minister and President, PMLN, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in Panama papers’ case”, adding that Iqama was made an excuse to disqualify him from his seat.

Talking to private news channel, Capt. Safdar said, “Nation will give Nawaz Sharif more strength in forthcoming general elections”.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had kept his promise to the nation and solved power crisis in the country, he said adding, the PML-N has faced all the trials that have come its way.

He said the former prime minister had tolerated opponents for the sake of the masses as they wanted to show the difference between those who followed the law and those who only made tall claims verbally.

“A democratic Pakistan which was making progress for the last four years was stopped from moving ahead”, he mentioned.

Capt. Safdar said the 220 million people decided fate of the country and no one could snatch their right from them, adding that Pakistan’s history is full of bad decisions that created major issues to the nation.

While criticizing the joint investigation team (JIT), he said PML-N will not accept the report of JIT as they have reservations on its fair performance.

He called JIT a Jirga, which was not consisted on competent legal experts.

PML-N leader further said that JIT used video digital links in investigation process but earlier they refused to get statement from the Qatari Sheikh, whose letters were submitted by the Sharif family in support of their claims about the setting up of offshore companies and the purchase of the London properties.