LAHORE              -             PPP Punjab president Qamar ul Zaman Kaira has said, Benazir Bhutto name cannot be erased from the hearts of the poor people and changing name of Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) and removing picture of Benazir Bhutto is moral bankruptcy on the part of government. He said in a statement issued here on Saturday that the rulers don’t let any chance to add to the woes of the people. The government itself has admitted that name of thousands of beneficiaries have been removed by it from BISP. He further said, the government by changing name of BISP and removing name of Benazir Bhutto had paraded its narrow-mindedness. He stated that the puppets had come as scourge and they have crushed the poor masses. It is unbecoming of government to beat the drum of Ahsas without demonstrating broad mindedness. The last morsel is also being snatched from the poor people through abject poverty and staggering inflation, he added. The rulers have come to decorate old projects with their name plates in order to deceive people, he remarked.