ISLAMABAD - As authorities enjoy deep slumber, the sale of spurious medicines goes unchecked in Capital as well as other parts of the country, thus putting the millions of lives at stake. The record available with TheNation reveals that certain pharmaceutical companies are using the original stamps but preparing these medicines indigenously causing severe threat to the lives of the poor especially those struggling for lives in hospitals. Sources told TheNation that spurious medicines including Tazocin, injection Voren Sterileeo Ethicon, Tinam, Novidat Velosef Meronim and Novaban are made in Pakistan like Lahore Peshawar sarghoda with fake name. These spurious medicines with huge quantity are available in the countrys markets. Some weeks ago drug inspector sent a sample of medicine to Lahore in laboratory and got a failed report but no action was taken against those culprits. These medicines in huge quantity are sent to market throughout the country. While on the other hand, Supreme Court directed the Ministry of Health to take action against spurious and fake companies but no response from the department was given. Source also told TheNation that these companies are using multinationals label like Abbott, squib, ici, Johnson and Johnson. Ministry of Health has taken serious notice with the help of FiA to stop this illegal business playing with the lives of the millions.