MIRPURKHAS -  A peasant from Thar died in the custody of Digri police in mysterious circumstances on Sunday morning.

According to reports, Walho Bheel, 37, and his family had come to Chaudhry Tarique village in Digri Taluka from the Tharparkar District in search of work some months ago. Some days ago, his mother-in-law Shremti Youra, wife of Aalo Bheel, complained to Digri police that Walho Bheel had tortured her daughter. In consequence, police took Walho Bheel in custody on Saturday evening and put him into a lockup at the Digri Police Station. No case had been registered against Walho until his death on Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning, police took his body to Taluka Hospital, Digri and said that he committed suicide in the washroom of the lockup with the help of a rope.

Doctors said after a post-mortem examination that marks of a rope were visible on Walho’s neck. Walho’s post-mortem examination report has yet to come out.

Taking notice of the incident, Mirpurkhas SSP Khalid Mustafa Korai suspended Digri SHO Muhammad Bakhsh Majedano with immediate effect and ordered an inquiry into Walho’s death.

Charge of Digri SHO’s office was handed over to Allah Dino Panhwer, SHO of the Mirwah Police Station.

Police said the deceased was a patient of asthma. He went to the washroom of the lockup and committed suicide with the help of a rope.

Hospital staff said that police had brought Walho’s body to the health facility.

ASP Tasawar Iqbal and DSP Ayub Dars visited Digri Police Station and examined the lockup where the deceased allegedly committed suicide. Talking to the media, they said that they were conducting an inquiry into the incident. They said that legal action would be taken if anyone was found responsible for Walho’s death.