Irrespective of merits or demerits of the Supreme Court judgment disqualifying Jehangir Tarin, his decision to resign from the post of PTI Secretary General puts him on a higher moral high ground as compared to others. He has earned the respect of many by following traditional democratic practices which unfortunately has not been in vogue in Pakistan. Such practices are also in accordance with the Islamic ethics. 

In a democracy, an electorate mandate qualifies a person to hold public office and is not a license to rule the country as if it were a fiefdom, where they could appoint corrupt and incompetent cronies. The executive powers which the constitution grants are strictly to be exercised within parameters and confines defined by the constitution. The powers vested in the office of Prime Minister, Chief Minister, ministers and paid civil and uniformed servants of the state is what the constitution grants them and is not a license to abuse their powers. Similarly, the constitution empowers Supreme Court to interpret it and adjudicate whether an elected or paid public office holder is qualified or disqualified to hold such an office. Although superior judiciary’s dismal performance in the post-Justice Cornelius era has often been disappointing and submissive to unconstitutional pressures and even connived with usurpers by regularizing their supra-constitutional interferences through such black citations like Law of Necessity, they have in recent past displayed courage and character to enforce Writ of Laws. 


Lahore, December 19.