The Chief of Army Staff took a stupendous step when he came to the Senate, the upper house, and answered to the questions of the senators. The unity between the army and the politicians is quite crucial for the welfare of the nation. Director General (DG) ISPR Asif Ghafoor, after the session, briefed the media and termed the session “very candid and frank.” COAS Qamar Jawed Bajwa has pointed to very crucial points. Among them, one is related to disreputable agenda of the foreign agencies to debilitate the peace in Pakistan, and the other one is related to the need for border management with Afghanistan. 

Pakistan remained under severe attacks for many years. The direct impacts of these attacks are over the nation and then the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs). The recent attack on Church in Quetta was no less than a nightmare for the poor families which lost their dear ones. Besides, the martyrdom of the young soldiers in the recent times requires all stakeholders to join hands with each other and throw out the plan of the foreign agencies. 

Withal it is abiding over the politicians to fill the gap that has been created owing to the insurgencies in various parts of the country adjoining Afghanistan especially. Filling the political gap is the last and permanent solution that is only possible if the political leadership is strong-willed. 

Lastly, through the interaction, various misunderstandings were removed and the senators had a chance to meet the COAS and express their views on certain issues to him. It is expected that political and army leadership will remain on one page for the betterment of the nation as a whole, and in future, more sessions will be held in dipping the tensions and misunderstandings. 


Lahore, December 20.