LAHORE - During the last year, the Punjab Healthcare Commission has conducted raids on 17,727 treatment centres, and closed down 5,615 outlets where illegal treatment facilities were being provided by quacks. As per the census, on 4,174 quackery centres, other businesses had been started, primarily due to the demonstration effect. On the other, so far the PHC has sealed 23, 504 backstreet clinics, whereas its enforcement teams have conducted raids on over 60,000 treatment centres. Among these, 9,884 outlets were in the Lahore division, Faisalabad 5,441, Gujranwala 4,025, Sahiwal 3,838 and 3,452 in the Multan division. Also, the Commission’s hearing committees have imposed Rs478.30 million as a fine on the quacks. Moreover, so far the PHC has registered over 59,000 healthcare establishments (HCEs) while issuing licences to around 43,000 HCEs. In order to improve treatment facilities of the qualified HCEs, the Commission had arranged 639 capacity-building workshops where 25,500 health professionals of around 21,000 HCEs were trained on the minimum service delivery standards (MSDS).