Since it started its operations in Pakistan, Nestlé has always worked towards uplifting the local community of Pakistan. The organisation has taken many key initiatives to address various environmental issues and raised awareness among communities to protect the environment for future generations. Other than just making policies, Nestlé has always involved its employees under its Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) to work with local communities and contribute towards the development of the communities.

Following their commitment to achieve a healthy and green environment for all, Nestlé launched Nestlé Cares Initiative to arrange a cleaning drive at Sea View Beach in Karachi to clear out the excessive waste dumps on the beach. Through this activity Nestlé gathered more than 150 volunteers on 18 June 2019 at Sew View Beach to not only mark the World Oceans Day but to also gather individuals from community and help them realize the importance of cleanliness for their city especially at the beach. Under this drive, Nestlé, successfully brought together volunteers and Nestlé employees to create a positive impact on the local community. With Nestlé Cares’, Nestlé brings their vision and mission to create a sustainable and green planet to life.

Prior to the beach cleaning drive, Nestlé and its employees donated their time and efforts to lead a successful nationwide plantation drive supporting the Government’s initiative of Clean & Green Pakistan. With the Beach Cleaning activity Nestlé has effectively worked towards reducing waste in Karachi and its shores and successfully engaged people to come together and perform their role as responsible citizens to keep the environment clean and healthy for all those living in it.

Nestlé realizes its duty towards the environment and the society and plays an active role to create a waste free future. Through these activities Nestlé is going beyond its manufacturing units to show its respect and commitment to a better future. Nestlé is actively working to create a waste free future by reducing and managing its plastic waste. National Forum for Environment & Health (NFEH) and Consumer Association of Pakistan (CAP) also participated in the beach cleaning drive and urged other major organizations to follow Nestlé’s footstep and play their role in being responsible and significant partner of governmentto help create cleaner environments across the country.