Except for the PPP having replaced PML-Q in the corridors of power, things have neither changed nor are likely to in the near or distant future as long as the hands pulling the strings remain the same. Hence, despite Asif Zardari's professed goodwill towards his main coalition partner, there is no political or intention of reinstating the judges - not to their pre-3rd November 07 position anyway. The nation was held in thrall for over three months while the torturous and tormented talks between the two  main coalition partners on this issue dragged on. It is still struggling to emerge from the debris of its despair with no end to its ordeals in sight while Mr Zardari continues to feed bromides to the people. The 'magical' constitutional package, touted as the panacea of all ills, remains a closely guarded secret though the intent behind it is clear as daylight from the bizarre statements emanating from the PPP camp. All this talk about two Supreme Courts with two Chief justices, the minus/plus one formula, reduction in the tenure of the CJ, cutting the president/CJ down to size and other such "modalities" being feverishly worked out by the PPP legal eagles smacks of malafide intent if not outright hypocrisy. Never before have the people felt so cruelly betrayed. -YASMIN ZAHRA, Islamabad, via e-mail, May 20.