A few days back, I made the terrible mistake of tweeting something about Islamic sects on Twitter. Obviously, people jumped to conclusions and reacted instantly whereas I carried on with my life. But when I saw this pure liberal Islamist girl, teaching me Islamiat 101, I was compelled to write this blog to highlight this out-of-control virus taking over the internet. Unfortunately, liberal Islamists pose a bigger threat to the integrity of Islam more than these bearded light-beater mullahs.

We, as a nation, are reaching new heights of liberalism mingled with self-made Islamic rules with every passing day. Pakistanis never fail to disappoint me in this regard. Mention one sentence about religious rules, and then suffer the wrathful liberals jumping down your throats for being too Islamic. Ironically, these “tolerance flag bearers” are gradually proving that they are not so tolerant when it comes to the discussion about Islamic obligations.

Another dangerous element is that a huge number of people actually support their views and beliefs which are completely contrary to Islam. Their views are plainly represented in the horrifying fashion shows and ramp walks with disgusting attires. These are the people who finally declare themselves agnostic and bid adieu to Islam in the end, after gaining a significant count of like-minded followers.

These days on Twitter, it is all about bashing the mullahs and their light beating tactics. But how do these liberal Islamists find the audacity to even say a word on this subject when they clearly know nothing about Islam except the first kalimah and important names?

I once breached the topic of feminism, which I generally avoid, on Twitter. I realized why when this young lady immediately shared a counter comment on my belief and didn’t fail to attack my hijab. Her reply strongly implied that no one should expect any sane thing from me because of my “narrow mindedness.” I couldn’t resist checking out her profile and voilà! Madame was agnostic. Also, a lot of people added their voice to hers. My God!

 Hijab is not even considered an Islamic thing anymore, thanks to these liberals. I can’t believe that this is actually a hot topic of debate among masses. Is the practice of hijab even a question, I ask you? According to these liberal Islamists, this is an oppressive obligation conjured up by the bearded men and repressed women of our society. How more ridiculous can these people get?

You have got to understand that there are limitations in modernism as well. Of course, your man cannot force a scarf on your head with his own hands, because that is purely wrong, but why aren’t you observing it in the first place? You do remember your religious rights when it comes to feminism but you forget that the iconic females in Islam, Hazrat Fatima (A.S), Hazrat Zainab (A.S), Hazrat Khadijah (A.S) etc never took off their hijab in front of strangers. If this isn’t being selective when it comes to following the rules, then what is?

I understand it is not my place to comment on your lack of faith and rule following capability, because I am no expert myself, but then it isn’t your place to label hijabis as narrow-minded, defeated or crushed females either without knowing what hijab actually is.

These liberal Islamists are portraying the wrong image of Islam. Their broad-mindedness, bordering on Western cultural modernization, gives rise to Islamophobia and works like magic in meeting the targets of Taliban to discolor our religion. I implore these liberals directly to please study Islam in depth and refrain from commenting on sensitive rules and regulations. You’re only adding fuel to the fire. Love your religion because this is your identity. Islam aims to transform you entirely into a better human, patriot, daughter, wife, sister and a friend. Islam has rights for every human being, irrespective of genders, races and colors. So how can you even think of letting go of this precious religion and stand up on your own to fight for your rights?

These liberal Islamists should be stopped before the face of Islam is further mutilated to an extent that it becomes unrecognizable, even in its essence.