LAHORE - Tip Moor Al Khan-Rangers, Hiltan Pharma and Wateen had little resistance in their stride to won their National Championship for Quaid-I-Azam Gold Cup Polo here at the LPC' Aibak Ground on Sunday but Bank Alfalah Royal Banking was leading the groove with six points. Bank Alfalah was enjoying at the top after three wins while Tip Moor Al Khan, HSBC Bank and Hilton Pharma are tied with four points each. But Tip Moor have a better average. Tip Moor Al Khan-Rangers moved past HSBC Bank by 10 goals to seven, with Tomas Pieres leaving everyone behind scoring eight goals while Lindor Nevillo Corvallan and Maj Usman producing one each. Hissam Ali Hyder, and Jose Rivas shared three goals each from the losing team which got its seventh goal from Sufi Mohammad Aamir. Hiltan Pharma overcame Ghazipur 11-9. Interestingly, Hilton Pharma dominated the first and the fifth chukkers, in which James harper hit in eight goals, four each in either session out of the 10 he got while John Fisher completed the tally of 11. And on the other hand, the second chukker was entirely one-sided and in Ghazipur control with Shah Shamyl Alam, Shah Qublai and Shaukat Ali Malik getting four goals. They got another two and three in the third and four quarters respectively. Wateen, however, had a field day, in its win over Vogue Furniture-Diamond Paints with 12 goals as against seven. In their win, Gaston Moore was prominent with nine goals and enjoyed support from Favio Lavinia, who got three. While from the losing side, Jaun Garcia Grossi (4) and Javier Alejandro (3) fought for an in vane cause. Tony Keyte and Asif Tiwana performed the duties of umpires. HSBC Bank: Muhammad Aamir, Hissam Ali Hyder, Jose Rivas, Sufi Muhammad Haris Tip Moor Al Khan & Rangers: Dr. Iftikhar Ali Khan Simba, Lindor Nevillo Corvallan, Tomas Pieres, Maj. Usman Ghazipur: Shaukat Ali Malik, Atif Tiwana, Shah Shamyl Alam, Shah Qubilai Alam. Hilton Pharma: Shahid Hayat, Taimur Ali Malik, James Harper,John Fisher Vogue Furniture/Diamond Paints: Mir Shoaib Ahmad, Javier Alejandro Marcos, Jaun Garcia Grossi, Taimur Mawaz Khan Wateen: Omar Asjad Malhi,Favio Lavinia, Gaston Moore,Naveed M Sheikh. Points table SNo Teams P W L Gf Ga Pts Ave 1 Vogue 3 1 2 26 24 2 -3 2 Tip Moor 3 2 1 31 28 4 +3 3 Ghazipur 4 1 3 38 38 2 0 4 HSBC Bank 4 2 2 30 32 4 -2 5 Hilton Pharma 4 2 2 34 33 4 +1 6 Bank Alfalah 3 3 0 25 22 6 +3 7 Wateen 3 1 2 27 24 2 +3