Reference media reports about former PM tirade against judiciary, while commenting on remarks by Supreme Court judges which were published in your newspaper. When NA and Senate passes a law granting permission to convicted individuals to head a political party, than it is a pertinent question raised by SC whether convicted robbers, drug smugglers etc can be allowed to head political parties.

The sanctity of vote is violated when those elected to represent people of Pakistan and hold executive public offices like PM etc through democratic process are seen to be involved in unethical activities, which compromise constitutional rights of citizens and fail to perform role of custodians of their trust in protecting collective welfare of masses. When laws are passed to facilitate, instead of clamping down on tax evasion, money laundering, flight of capital and human resources, than those elected have violated sanctity of their democratic mandate.

Pakistan’s national exchequer and state owned enterprises are on brink of economic collapse because elected executive of this country have chosen to appoint corrupt mediocre individuals who have driven country to bankruptcy. The unfortunate reality is that all political parties facilitated in passing this controversial bill allowing convicted person to head a political party in Senate of Pakistan where PML(N) and its allies are in minority. If all Senators present in Pakistan had voted against bill, this country and those who were elected through democratic process would not have been guilty of hypocrisy. Those who voted for PTI, PPP, MQM etc expected them to stand up for principles and not just boycott both NA and Senate of Pakistan.


Lahore, February 16.