MIANWALI        -           On the direction of the Deputy Commissioner, the agricultural department has successfully eradicated locust on 170 acres land in Mianwali district.

Deputy Director Agriculture Extension Malik Muhammad Nawaz has said on Friday that under the supervision of assistant director Esa Khel Tahir Abbas Khan, the 38 members team during anti locust chemical operation has used Tractor Spray Machine along with 4 power sprayers and eradicated the locust at 170 acres land in villages Kundal and Attock Punyala Tehsil Esa Khel.

Deputy Director said that for eradicating locust the spray operation was under progress from Lucky Marwat district (KPK) to the limits of Mianwali district for the last 15 days.

He said that where the locusts are being identified, the teams are reaching and spraying to eradicating them adding that locusts have completely been eradicated identified places.