It seems as if the government is not serious in resolving the conflict in Balochistan. The ongoing unrest may be in the interest of a few political parties who would like to see Pakistan floundering and unstable. The casual way the present government is handling the problem gives rise to predictions from some who claim that we may lose this resource rich province.

The fact that Balochistan is rich natural resources seems to be attracting the greed of the powers that be.

The province continues to provide natural gas to the country which is also now facing shortage. Instead of focusing on Balochistan, our leaders are running around with the begging bowl and selling the money making organizations to private companies.

We must have our own plan to defend this land, to utilize its resources and to develop it as an economically stable country. Unfortunately, no one wants to take the risk to carry out surgical or targeted operation to control the worsening situation. It is hard to understand why the situation cannot be controlled as the miscreants and misguided people are not so large in number. They can be controlled if the state had the will to do so.

Now is the time that matters are solved through dialogue, political influence or limited targeted operation. Our political or military leadership has to decide and take decision in the interest of nation. Now the situation is clear, mostly foreign players and their interests have been identified. There is a dire need of policy to handle the situation and prevent such incidents in future. We are not clear as to what we have to do and how we have to control the situation. A patriotic decision by political or military leadership is required at this time to avoid futures mishaps.


Quetta, October 30.