On 8 September, a critically injured patient was rushed to the Civil Hospital in Johi, the one and only major hospital accommodating people from Kachho and its surrounding areas. It was really sad to see that the hospital administration decided to refer the patient to Civil Hospital in Dadu, due to the absence of the patient’s relatives. As the patient was put in a brand new ambulance, the driver said that the vehicle was out of petrol. When the people who were accompanying the patient asked the doctors to sort out the patrol issue, they said that they did not have any funds. While all this drama was being played out, the patient’s life hung in delicate balance. 

Such is the state of Civil Hospital Johi; their ambulances were out of petrol, and the doctors had no money. Can someone please take note of this situation, and work towards improving the facilities in Civil Hospital Johi. 

Akber Khoso, 

Johi, September 11.