It’s a reality that women in Pakistan are always treated as second-class citizens so that’s why violence against women is openly practiced in our society.  

Approximately 60 to 90 percent women in Pakistan have suffered from different forms of abuse such as rape, marital rape, domestic violence, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, honour killings, dowry violence, acid throwing, forced marriages, mob violence, stalking, sexual harassment and human trafficking. Violence against women is not a new phenomenon; in fact, it is an age-old worldwide problem. An estimated figure shows that more than 5000 women killed and buried every year, suffering from domestic violence while others are left mutilated. There has been a 20-25 percent increase in cases of violence against women reported every year.  

Sadly during 2015, International NGOs recorded that six women were kidnapped, four raped, three committed suicide and six were murdered every single day in Pakistan. It should be kept in mind that women, along with men, are equal contributors to the progress and development of every nation or state. Therefore, they should also be treated as equal citizens and be given their due rights with equal opportunities. 


Turbat, September 21.