The month of Ramadan is a blessing from Allah to the Muslim Ummah to pray and submit themselves to the Divine Will in return for numerous rewards from Him, which multiply in 'Sawab in this specific month. However, as a prelude to this month Muslims are bestowed with the holy months of Rajab and Shabaan to prepare themselves for the month of fasting. Holy Prophet (PBUH) has held these two months in high regard and urged Muslims to observe fasts and engage in charity during these months. Islamic history is replete with narrations of the incident, which raised the Prophet to the highest pedestals of distinctions where not even the angels could fathom access. I mean the outstanding journey from Makkah to Baitul Maqaddas and onward ascension to heavens to meet the Creator. Indeed a climax of spiritual progress not attained by anyone before Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) happened on the 27th of Rajab. The opening verse of Surah Bani Israel Glory to (God) who did take his servant for a journey by night, from the sacred mosque to the farthest mosque, whose precincts we did bless - in order that we might show him some of our signs: For He is the one who hearth and seeth (all things (xvii:1), is a testimony from Allah Subhanahu that the incident of Miraj or ascent actually took place. Jabir Ibn Abdullah heard the Prophet say, When Quraysh disbelieved me about (Miraj), I stood up in Al-Hijr (the unroofed part of Kabbah) and Allah displayed Bayt Al Maqqadas to me. So I began to describe its features to them whilst I was looking at it. The scared mosque in the Ayat refers to Holy Kabbah, while the farthest mosque refers to the site of the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, or the Bayt Al Maqqadas. Commenting on this verse, Abdullah Yusuf Ali says, Gods knowledge comprehends all things, without any curtain of time or any separation of space. He can therefore, see and hear all things; and the Miraj was a reflection of this knowledge without Time or Space. It is narrated that Prophet (PBUH) said to Malik Ibn Sa Saah that, while I was lying down in Al Hatim or Al-Hijr, someone came to me and split open what is between this and this - (he indicated the space from the top of his chest to below his navel) and he took out my heart. Then a golden cup filled with faith was brought to me. My heart was washed, filled up with (Faith) and put back in its place. A white beast, smaller than a mule and bigger than a donkey, was brought to me (al-Burraq). One stride of this creature covered a distance as far as it could see. I was mounted upon it. The earliest biography of the prophet, the Sira of Ibn Ishaq, describes the event as, Gabriel lifted the Prophet onto a heavenly mount called Burraq; thereafter began the journey of the prophet with Gabriel and on this night of Miraj, he is shown the marvels of heavens and earth while en-route at Jerusalem, he meets earlier Prophets and leads them in a ritual prayer. Then from the farthest Mosque begins his heavenly journey. The prophet then traverses through the seven firmaments and at each of these, he meets some former Prophets, with whom he speaks and they offer him good counsel and advice. In Surah Al-Najm, Allah again testifies through a verse, that the Prophet did ascend to the heavens. The Prophets mind (and heart) in no way falsified that which he saw (LIII:II). The two occasions, where the Prophet saw Gabriel in a stately form is first; when he revealed, Iqra, (Read).... and was towering on the mountain of light and second was near the Lote-tree (Sidratual Muntahha) in the highest heaven. Near the Lote-tree, beyond which none may pass; near it is the Garden of Abode. Behold the Lote-tree was shrouded in unspeakable mystery. (His) Sight never swerved, nor did it go wrong For truly did he see of the signs of his Lord, the Greatest (LIII-14/18). Here again is a re-affirmation about Mirajun-Nabi. The Hadith of Anas, which is favoured by the majority, states clearly that the Lote-tree is the plant where the knowledge of every Prophet and angel ends. Whatever is beyond the Lote-tree is hidden and known only to Allah and who has more knowledge than He It was during this night that daily prayers were enjoined upon Muslims. Tradition has it that the number of prayers was reduced to five, when the Prophet heeding to the counselling of other Prophets, sought Allahs sanction to restrict obligatory prayers to a maximum of five. Muslims, generally keep vigil during the night of Miraj, praying and supplicating for Allah Subhanahus mercy, forbearance and beneficence. Tradition has it, that prayers with cleansed heart on this night are always accepted and answered. Therefore, we must take this opportunity to beg for Allah blessings to allow us the opportunity to witness the month of Ramadan where, like humble and most obedient servants we devote ourselves to please the Almighty Allah and cleanse our souls from the sins of this world and secure for ourselves a stance to put forward a plea in front of HIM to be considered worthy of his clemency. Man, since times immemorial, has been intrigued by the mysteries of the cosmos; his quest therefore has been to reach, where no man has dared to go. Mirajun-Nabi, therefore, is that miracle where Allah through His beneficence, gave our Prophet the ability to break the bounds of time and space and traverse to the highest point in Heaven i.e. Sidratul-Muntahah. For as stated in Surah Najam, beyond which none may pass, because ahead of it is the Garden of Abode. Mankind, may through highest pursuit of knowledge, science and technology, may reach destinations unknown in the firmament, but the miracle of Mirajun-Nabi, shall always remain, as the pinnacle and Summit of our Prophets stature amongst mankind. Human endeavour will stop at Lote-tree.