Thank you so much New York Coffee for providing us a chance to delve our taste buds in your scrumptious victuals.

The décor is great too. Not too many eateries these days actually value area so yeah we can actually breathe in there. Although, it is situated in one of the urban premises of Lahore, the New York Coffee gives a depiction of soothing place especially when you are tired after all your hectic day. The moment you step inside the place and voila!  

From the appetizers, we ordered their special commando fries. Yes! You have read it right. The Commando fries which were served in a pan topped and camouflaged with crispy caramelized onions and jalapenos.  Commando fries are actually French fries bathed in yummy dynamite sauce and cheese that gave us unique experience of French fries. A must try!

The main course was exceedingly scrumptious and something to treat everyone either you are fast food lover or desi foodie.

From the main course, we ordered Grilled Chicken Tarragon that was served with creamy white sauce [tarragon sauce] along with stir-fried vegetables and mashed potatoes. Actually, there was an option either to choose Grilled Chicken Tarragon with mashed potatoes or Spanish rice. So, we chose that with mashed potatoes. But, the tarragon sauce was divine!  

Also, the portion of mashed potatoes was surprisingly noteworthy if we compared that with other eateries we have visited so far. 


Along with the Grilled Chicken, we ordered Fettuccini Alfredo Pasta that was served with chicken and garlic bread. The pasta was amazingly scrumptious. Being pasta lovers, we actually know what to expect from Alfredo pasta. But, honestly, the pasta was as per our expectations. It was neither too cheesy nor too heavy.  This was finger licking perfect.

Besides, from sandwiches, they served us their special NYC Multigrain Club. The sandwiches were served with grilled chicken, salad, eggs and cheese along with mayo inside the layers of toast multi-grain bread. These were scrumptious too and cost effective.

The drinks we had were berry blast, strawberry lemonade, and fresh mint lemonade. Drinks were equally highly refreshing. The Strawberry lemonade was something we would love to order again.  

From hot beverages, we wanted to have some tea but they were only offering coffee in their menu. So, we tried their Latte, that anyone can have who don’t like to drink coffee much. And, honestly we didn’t regret our choice at all. Absolutely loved it!  

New York Coffee has vast range of desserts in their menu, but we noticed that their dessert menu was unique in a way that mainly offers pancakes and waffles. So, if someone likes pancakes and waffles, they must give it a try. We ordered their NYC sundae, it was something that anyone who loves ice-cream, would definitely enjoy.

As for food, from taste to presentation to service, everything was spot on. I especially loved the vast range of desserts that they had in their menu. It included waffles, pancakes, sundae and what not.  You all would definitely want to try such an amazing variety of meals from grilled food to desserts and smoothies in an even amazing ambiance. 

Overall, New York Coffee was in every way 100% from taste to ambiance.

Team Nation had an amazing experience there.  Thank you so much to the owner of the place for being so wonderfully hospitable.

Thank you for having us!