KARACHI - Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar Saturday expressed annoyance over thrashing of a citizen by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf MPA Dr Imran Ali Shah and fined him Rs 3 million which will be deposited in the dams’ fund.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar conducted hearing of the suo motu notice of the incident at the SC Karachi Registry. The CJP took suo motu notice after a video of Shah slapping Dawood Chauhan, a citizen, had gone viral last month, sparking outrage on the social media.

The chief justice expressed anger when he was told that he had given three or four slaps to the citizen. The CJP said the same punishment should be given by giving him four slaps in public and it would be an example for such influential people.

The CJP asked Shah how he, being a representative of the people, committed such violence. Everyone has self respect and nobody has a right to assault or insult other people.

The CJP asked Dr Shah as to what he thought when he slapped the citizen, adding no one beats up even an animal this way. “It is like an unforgivable heinous offence and we will not let this happen again," said Justice Saqib Nisar.

Dr Iman Shah was repeatedly saying sorry. He submitted that he had apologised for what he had done and the victim had forgiven him. “When I hit a servant with a belt in my childhood, my father hit me twice to teach me a lesson. After that I never dared do it again in my life,” said the chief justice.

“I go outside and you may slap me to show me how you did it,” the CJP challenged Shah who was repeatedly seeking forgiveness and saying he was ashamed of the incident. He also reminded the lawmaker that there could be no compensation for hurting the honour of the victim. Addressing Dawood Chauhan, the victim of the episode, the CJP asked why he had agreed to forgive Shah. Chauhan replied the governor-designate himself had visited his house to settle the matter.

The chief justice asked what punishment should be given to Dr Shah who was continuously seeking apology and saying he felt ashamed after this act. The MPA said the derogatory language used against his parents by Chauhan had enraged him. The CJP again said: “You ought to be ashamed for assaulting such an old person.”

The CJP warned the court could convict Shah, being a lawmaker, under Article 62(1)(f) of the Constitution. Upon the judge’s instructions, Shah then publicly apologised to Chauhan for assaulting him. He also hugged the latter.

Chauhan’s son informed the court that a social media team of PTI workers has launched a campaign against their family and accusing them of receiving money in exchange for settling the matter. He said Dr Shah at least should not remain a public representative.

Chauhan then said: “I am forgiving Shah in the name of Allah, but the PTI leader should be barred from travelling in a large vehicle and he should travel like us.”

Shah said he would comply with the CJP orders. However, the CJP concluded the matter by ordering the MPA to deposit Rs 3 million in the dams’ fund raised by the Supreme Court, saying he wanted to teach the MPA a memorable lesson for assaulting a citizen.