ISLAMABAD  -  One of the most experienced and highly regarded squash coaches of the world Fahim Gul Khan has offered to resolve Pakistan squash woes and promised to win laurels for country if he has a meeting with Pakistan Squash Federation President Air Marshal Mujhaid Anwar Khan.

“If I train the likes of Farhan Mehboob, Aamir Atlas Khan, Farhan Zaman and Danish Atlas Khan, it is my challenge they can easily win gold medal for Pakistan in any team event, especially the Asian Games, where all the other participating teams, except Hong Kong and India were very weak and were no match, if the PSF had entered with the best available option,” Fahim told The Nation on Saturday.

He said he had long years of playing and coaching world’s best squash players in countless countries and his pupils had won loads of titles. “I had represented country at the highest level and won laurels. The main problem lies when coaches are not given powers.”

He said Pakistan players lacked fighting spirit and failed to play to their potential in the Asian Games.

“Federation needs to work at grassroots level and this is the only viable and long term solution of producing world champions. I still believe that Mehboob, Aamir, Zaman and Danish, Pakistan have best available team and we can challenge any given team. I can train players keeping in mind modern day needs as now squash is completely changed. Only 10 percent outdoor training is required while 90 percent players focus is on physical and mental finites, which can only be attained in squash courts. The participating teams’ in Asian Games only had one advantage and that was their players were playing more regularly compare to our players. I want to have a detailed meeting with PSF President as I have exclusive and comprehensive training plans, which I want to discuss with president.”

Fahim further said It hurts that no Pakistani players is even in top 70 as when he was coaching, the players were fast climbing ladders and could have easily break into top 40 and beyond. “Anyhow, it is past now and I am still keen to work for the country against all the odds. I have offers from USA, England, Malaysia and I have started academy training in Malaysia but the sheer love and passion for Pakistan has brought me back. I still want to help Pakistan squash in general and players in particular. I know the problems and I have the solutions as well.”