FBR’S decision to raid shops selling smuggled goods is laudable as we are accustomed to consuming foreign goods which are brought either by paying no duty tax, misdeclaration or by under-invoicing. Pakistanis can develop the most sophisticated technologies– nuclear / missiles, etc so can we not produce mobile phones, T.V., Fridge, Air-conditioners and other Electronic products ???

But unfortunately, our businessmen and industrialists get up in the morning at 11.00 and go to offices/factories at 1.00 p.m and then leave at 4.30 / 5.00.p.m. Afterward, he/she goes to Karachi Club / Karachi Gymkhana and other places and play cards – mostly gambling until 2.30 mid-night. They import goods of Rs. 100/- and declare them at Rs.50/- and pay import duty at Rs.50/- Thus cost comes to Rs.150/- and is sold at Rs.300/- ?? This is our mentality so how can we progress?

Therefore your steps are very much appreciated.

Finally, Stock Exchange is not a parameter to gauze economy of a country particularly ours as our stock exchanges are nothing but gambling dens so it goes to 5400 points or comes down to 28000 points have nothing to do with the economy.