After living for 15 years in Canada we, as a family, decided to return to Pakistan filled with extreme love and patriotism. One of the first things we were told to do was to register our cell phones with PTA to avoid lockdown. As my daughter started the registration process online she was surprised to learn that we all have to pay a hefty customs duty (Rs 50,000 approx) on each cell phone which was bought in Canada after paying the taxes and was in our personal use for the last many years.

The question being asked by my family is WHY do we have to pay such a huge amount on a personal item which is an everyday necessity, is not a luxury item, and has not been brought for commercial purpose. We are informed that this change happened only recently as previously overseas Pakistanis were allowed to bring in one cell phone without duty for their personal use.

Why is the Govt/FBR punishing overseas Pakistanis returning back to their country? Instead of welcoming them this is sending a very negative signal. Please have this unfair duty reversed immediately.