ABBOTTABAD         -         Police arrested the president and general secretary of Nanbai Association Abbottabad on Tuesday after the continuous strike of the Nanbai association in district Abbottabad on the fourth day over the issue of Roti price.  Members of Nanbai Association Abbottabad also staged a protest against the arrest of their president Basheer But and general secretary Sardar Aqeel in front of the Abbottabad Press Club.  The protesting Nanbais demanded of the government to release their arrested president and also adjust the price of Roti according to the increase in Wheat flour price.  The speakers while addressing the protestors said that peaceful protest is their right and the arrest of their members under 3MPO from the protest was totally illegal. On the other side, district administration has started a crackdown against the Nanbais those were selling Roti on 15 instead of 10 rupees, inspected many Tandoors and Hotels. Assistant Commissioner Abbottabad Ameenul Hasanat under Price Control Act imposed fined on Tandoor owners and also served notices owing to increased Roti price and low weight to many Nanbais.