KARACHI - Once again the KSE-100 Index sailed over the 7,000 mark comfortably reaching 7,191 points, adding 3.74 percent on Thursday amid intensified buying interest in the oil and gas exploration stocks. The KSE-100 Index gained 259 points as the crazy bulls keep on pushing all the major stocks towards upper cap. It would be justified to say that the market has become left hand drive, rushing towards skyways. Trading activity was climbed up as the ready market volume increased to 290.948m shares on Thursday as compared to last sessions 207.282m shares traded on Wednesday. Market capitalisation stood up to Rs2.164 trillion, showing an elevation of Rs83 billion in just one day. Out of total 375 active symbols at KSE, 260 advanced, 104 lost values while 11 stocks remained unchanged. Total trading value of the market amounted to 11.104 billion rupees against 8.281 billion rupees of last session. Power sector remained powerful as E&P stocks fuelled the bullish sentiment, while PTCL continue to transmit bullish signals to the market participants. TRG Pakistan was witnessed as the volume leader of the day with the trading of 20.178m shares. Among other sound-traded shares were National Bank with 15.663m shares, PTCL 15.540m shares, FFBL 14.415m shares, OGDC 12.101m shares, Jahagir Siddiqui 10.692m shares, DGKC 10.024, Arif Habib Securities 8.606m shares, Nishat Mills 8.102m shares namely. Major gainers at the KSE include Unilever Pakistan and it gained 43.95 rupees/share, closing at Rs1897.95 with the trading of only 160 shares on Thursday, Colgate Palm added 13.72 rupees/share and closed at Rs288.27, Bata Pakistan gained 12.43 rupees/share and its value was improved to Rs679, Pak Oilfields gained 8.81 rupees/share and closed at Rs185.19, Lakson Tobacco closed at Rs184.34 with a gain of 8.77 rupees/share, Pak Petroleum added 8.55 rupees/share and closed at Rs179.60, Sitara Chemicals gained 8.38 rupees/share and closed at Rs177.95. Conversely, Wyeth Pakistan lost 66 rupees/share and its total value was decreased to Rs1328 with the trading of only 60 shares, Hinopak Motors lost 13.42 rupees/share and closed at Rs255.10, Nestle Pakistan closed at Rs1150, losing 10.37 rupees/share, Siemens Pakistan also lost 9.20 rupees/share and closed at Rs715, Gillette Pakistan lost 2.04 rupees/share, closing at Rs59.55, Atlas Honda lost 1.80 rupees/share and closed at Rs85.38. The bullish sentiment seems unstoppable as investors are sensing economic recovery and lowering of inflation in the coming months. IMF statement regarding no change in discount rates was completely ignored by the investor community, as KIBOR the bench mark rate has already trading fairly below the discount rate, stated market expert Bilal Asif adding, Mansha stocks keep on skiing on high tide and Fauji twin keep stepping forward and forward. Market is not in a mood to look back as there is one way, which is forward. Aggressive stance of the government towards oil and gas exploration, marketing and refining, endorsed in the press conference by the Minister concern refuelled the market men. Response to the conference was quite evident by the gains registered towards the end, leading from the front were the beneficiaries of the new aggressive policy. Report that IMF has suggested an unchanged status of the discount rates locally and substantial rise in external account deficit did have an impact at the local bourses. \\