ISLAMABAD - The parliamentary board of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) on Tuesday finalised the party’s tickets for the upcoming general elections from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).

According to the notification issued by the PTI central secretariat, the party’s chairman Imran Khan, who also chaired the meeting to announce the party tickets for candidates hailing from KPK, would contest the polls for NA-1, Peshawar-I.

According to the same press note the list of candidates for National Assembly, Khalid Masood would contest from NA-2 Peshawar, Sajid Nawaz from NA-3 Peshawar, Asad Gulzar Khan from NA-4 Peshawar, Pervaiz Khan Khattak from NA-5 Nowshehra-I, Azizullah Jan from NA-6 Nowshehra-II, Fazal Muhammad Khan from NA-7 Charsadda-1, Anwar Taj from NA-8 Charsadda-II, Nasir Khan from NA-9 Mardan-1, Ali Muhammad Khan NA-10 Mardan-II, Mujahid Ali NA-11 Mardan-III, Anwar Haq Dad from NA-12 Swabi-I, Asad Qaisar from NA-13 Swabi-II, Shaheryar Afridi from NA-14 Kohat, Shamsur Rehman Khattak from NA-15 Karak, Khayal Zaman from NA-16 Hangu, Muhammad Azhar Khan Jadoon from NA-17 Abbottabad-I, Raja Amir Zaman from NA-19 Haripur, Muhammad Azam Khan Swati from NA-20 Mansehra-I, Nawabzada Sallahuddin Saeed from NA-21 Mansehra-II, Niaz Muhammad Khan from NA-22 Battagram, Mustafa Kundi from NA-24 Dera Ismail Khan, Dawar Khan Kundi from NA-25 Dera Ismail Khan Tank, Mutiullah Khan from NA-26 Bannu, Col. (retd) Amirullah Marwat from NA-27 Lakki Marwat, Mian Moinuddin from NA-28 Bunair, Sher Afgan Khan from NA-29 Swat-I, Jamal Nasir from NA-30 Swat-II, Abdul Latif from NA-32 Chitral, Muhammad Nawaz Khan from NA-33 Upper Dir, Muhammad Bashir Khan from NA-34 Lower Dir, and Junaid Akbar Khan would contest from NA-35 Malakand.

Whereas according to the list of candidates for KPK provincial assembly, Shaukat Yusufzai will contest the election from PK-2 Peshawar-II, Ashraf Ali Khan from PK-3 Peshawar-III, Arif Yousuf from PK-4 Peshawar-IV, Yaseen Khalil from PK-5 Peshawar-V, Faheem Ahmad from PK-6 Peshawar-VI, Mahmood Jan from PK-7 Peshawar-VII, Jahanzeb Khan from PK-8 Peshawar-VIII, Arbab Jahandad Khan from PK-9 Peshawar-IX, Shah Farman from PK-10 Peshawar-X, Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq from PK-11 Peshawar-XI, Khaliq-ur-Rehman from PK-12 Nowshehra-I, Pervaiz Khattak PK-13 Nowshehra-II, Jamshaid-ud-Din from PK-14 Nowshehra-III, Muhammad Idrees from PK-15 Nowshehra-IV, Qurban Ali Khan from PK-16 Nowshehra-V, Abid Jan from PK-17 Charsaddah-I, Tariq Adam Khan from PK-18 Charsaddah-II, Muhammad Babar Khan from PK-19 Charsaddah-III, Nadeem Alam from PK-20 Charsaddah-IV, Muhammad Ilyas from PK-21 Charsaddah-V, Muhammad Arif from PK-22 Charsaddah-VI, Syed Umar Farooq from PK-23 Mardan-I, Muhammad Zahid PK-24 Mardan-II, Obaidullah from PK-25 Mardan-III, Iftikhar Ali from PK-26 Mardan-IV, Adil Nawaz from PK-27 Mardan-V, Muhammad Khattab Badshah from PK-28 Mardan-VI, Tufail Anjum from PK-29 Mardan-VII, Muhammad Atif from PK-30 Mardan-VIII, Yousuf Ali from PK-31 Swabi-I, Zahoor Ahmad from PK-32 Swabi-II, Zubair Ali Engineer from PK-33 Swabi-III, Fazal-e-Elahi from PK-34 Swabi-IV, Asad Qaisar from PK-35 Swabi-V, Rangez Ahmad from PK-36 Swabi-VI, Aurangzaib Khan from PK-37 Kohat-I, Ziaullah Khan Bangash from PK-38 Kohat-II, Imtiaz Shahid Qureshi from PK-39 Kohat-III, Gul Sahib Khan from PK-40 Karak-I, Muhammad Saleem from PK-41 Karak-II, Asif Zubair Sheikh from PK-44 Abbottabad-I, Abdul Rehman Khan Abbasi from PK-45 Abbottabad-II, Akhtar Nawaz Khan from PK-49 Haripur-I, Yousuf Ayub Khan from PK-50 Haripur-II, Faisal Zaman Khan from PK-52 Haripur-IV, Syed Munir Hassan Shah from PK-54 Mansehra-III, Sajid Mumtaz from PK-55 Mansehra-IV, Haq Nawaz Khan from PK-56 Mansehra-V, Zulfiqar Ali from PK-57 Mansehra-VI, Amarullah from PK-58 Mansehra-VII, Javed Khan from PK-59 Battagram-I, Muhammad Naeem Khan Shaheen from PK-60 Battagram-II, Kifayatullah from PK-61 Kohistan-I, Fayyaz Khan from PK-62 Kohistan-II, Afreen Khan from PK-63 Kohistan-III, Ali Ameen Khan from PK-64 Dera Ismail Khan-I, Muhammad Amir Qayyum Barki from PK-65 Dera Ismail Khan-II, Hamayuddin from PK-66 Dera Ismail Khan-III, Umar Amin Khan from PK-67 Dera Ismail Khan-IV, Muhammad Daud from PK-69 Tank, Asif Rehman PK-70 Bannu-I, Taimur Farid Khan from PK-71 Bannu-II, Syed Munir Agha from PK-72 Bannu-III, Murad Ali Shah from PK-73 Bannu-IV, Saleem Nawaz Khan from PK-74 Lakki Marwat-I, Engineer Muhammad Arif Khan from PK-76 Lakki Marwat-III, Muhammad Iqbal from PK-77 Bunair-I, Syed Fakhar Jahan from PK-78 Bunair-II, Sher Khan from PK-79 Bunair-III, Fazal-e-Hakim from PK-80 Swat-I, Azizullah Khan from PK-81 Swat-II, Amjad Ali from PK-82 Swat-III, Azmat Ali Khan from PK-83 Swat-IV, Mahmood Khan PK-84 Swat-V, Nisar Ahmad from PK-85 Swat-VI, Muhammad Zaib from PK-86 Swat-VII, Shaukat Ali Yusufzai from PK-87 Shangla-I, Sultan Muhammad from PK-89 Chitral-I, Rehmat Ghazi Khan from PK-90 Chitral-II, Muhammad Nabi from PK-91 Upper Dir-I, Nawab Ali from PK-92 Upper Dir-II, Sajjad Fayyaz Khan from PK-93 Upper Dir-III, Muhammad Inam PK-94 Lower Dir-I, Obaidullah Sajid from PK-95 Lower Dir-II, Malik Fakhar-uz-Zaman Khan from PK-97 Lower Dir-IV, Yasir Khan from PK-98 Malakand-I, Shakeel Ahmad from PK-99 Malakand-II have been awarded party tickets.