KARACHI - Journalists on Tuesday staged a protest outside Karachi Press Club against, ‘what they said’, illegal detention of local journalist Matloob Hussain and the cameraman of a local television Ali Mubashir and demanded their immediate release.

The protest from the journalist body-Workers Joint Association- that comprises Karachi Union of Journalists organizations-was also attended by members from Pak Sarzameen Party, Pakistan Peoples Party and other members of the civil society.

KUJ-Dastoor President Tariq Abul Hasan blamed that the aged parents and other family members were harassed during raid at Matloob Hussain’s residence. “Those who came in veils are now known to everyone,” he said, adding that journalists were not enemies of the country and should be dealt as per the law and constitution of the country.

The KUJ General Secretary Hamidur Rehman said that the struggle of journalists continued in the worst of times during dictatorial regimes and they would not back from their responsibility to convey truth to the masses.

“Our protest will continue unless Matloob Hussain is released,” he said.

Other speakers said that if any journalist had committed crime, the authorities should have chosen legal course instead of taking him away from house.

If a journalist commits any crime, the authorities should take legal action against him instead of taking him away from house

The brother of Matloob Hussain- Minhaj claimed that they are still unaware of the whereabouts of their brother. “If the law enforcers will terrorize people in the same way terrorists do, what will be a difference between them,” he said.

Former office-bearer of Karachi Press Club Amir Latif said that last time when journalist Nasrullah was picked up illegally by law enforcing authorities and later released, it was agreed that no journalist would be held in illegal detention.

“It was agreed if anyone is involved in wrongdoings then the law enforcers will reach the press club authorities for action against him,” he said.


, adding that they had once again breached their promise.

KUJ leader Fahim Siddiqui said that if Matloob is not presented before a court and remains a missing person, journalists would be forced to stage a protest outside the chief minister or governor house.