LAHORE                  -                   Jamaat Islami ameer Senator Sirajul Haq has accused PTI government of treating the coronavirus patients kept in quarantine as ‘criminals’, alleging that government was not even giving the patients prescribed medicines and food in isolation wards.

“These helpless people deserved sympathies. First, government packed the suspected patients in crowded places like classrooms, then disowned them completely with apathy,” he said while addressing a meeting of party’s central office bearers on Thrusday at Mansoorah.

“The corona pandemic could have been effectively controlled at Taftan border by putting the pilgrims in quarantine and treating them.,” he said. He said the Tiger force was a needless idea as census staff who was fully trained in reaching out to people could have accomplished the task in a much better manner.

He lamented that meeting of federal cabinet on the previous day also failed to give any fresh hope to the nation. He warned that it was no time of politics and prejudices, but the need of the hour was to join hands to save the nation from the impending calamity and disaster.

He lamented that thousands of children suffering from Thalassemia were badly hit by lockdown and were fighting for their lives as blood donors had vanished. He assured the suffering children of blood donations from workers of JI youth and other sister organizations.