This morning I was shocked to read that our Prime Minister has come back from Umrah. There could not be a more hypocritical spin than this. He should explain to the public why he has been out of the country for 14 days in such circumstances, when the PML-N keeps talking about a war like situation. Was it to build a personal business empire or was this a meeting with the royal family to ensure that he is given refuge if he goes back? Why would the Prime Minister of a country that is in turmoil, risk leaving the country?

Since he took over, he has made more foreign tours than the time he spent in Pakistan. I would like to know what he has done in the last seventeen months to make our lives any better. If he is sure of his ‘good governance’ then he should not be afraid of Imran Khan or Dr Tahirul Qadri? I request Imran Khan and Dr Qadri and other opposition parties to unite for August 14 rally, in Islamabad, and tell the present ruling party that they are no more wanted and get rid of them once and for all.


Gujarat, July 30.