LAHORE - The super talented Yashma Gill is playing all her cards right. She is definitely the hot new talent in town, who is not simply a beauty but also has got the brain to prove her mettle.

Due to her remarkable acting prowess, the young and talented actress has managed to work in some top billed projects and productions in a very short span of time. Currently she is getting major acclaim, playing antagonist in the serial ‘Ki Jaana Main Kaun’. 

In conversation with The Nation she talks about her career and success. Following are the excerpts of the interview.

Tell us about your childhood: where did you grow up and how did you develop your interest in acting?

I’ve always been a Karachite, despite when I went to Australia to study. Most of my growing up has taken place in Karachi. I was quite shy growing up, however always on to something new and always indulging in playful activities at the same time. This led me into being a part of many stage plays in my school. Later on, I gave a few auditions and appeared as a child star in some commercials which opened up the world of being a VJ for me. However I did not stick to it as I still had my education to complete. And now after a break of years I’m back with a better and more skilled version of myself.

 Tell us a bit about what you do when you’re not working.

On my days off from work you can usually find me at two extremes, either in the gym or being a couch potato but hanging out with my friends and family is an off day ritual, as to me that is a perfect way to spend my free time.

What’s your take on the recent wave of Pakistani films releasing across the countries? Are you planning to make your silver screen debut anytime soon? 

It makes me very proud and motivates me even more. As for me diving into the world of film, you’ll just have to stick around and find out!

Tell us something about your character in upcoming drama serial Alif?

Can’t give out much just yet except that I’m playing this girl called Shelly who is modern, aggressive and very insecure and confident at the same time but all I can say is that it’ll be worth the wait

Where do you see yourself as an actor in the next five years?

I’ll be working in the film industry which is my ultimate goal.

Who is the superstar of your dreams whose work you like the most?

The superstar of my dreams is Kareena Kapoor, as her performance is always extraordinary no matter the role which also makes her the queen of versatility. Not only that but she has also proved herself to be an all rounder and best at everything that she does be it her family life, social life or work life which gives me learning to set some real goals for myself to not only be a successful actor but a successful person as well.

You have done television and ad campaigns. What according to you has been your biggest achievement so far?

I’m certain Qurban has been my biggest achievement so far and the project to have put my efforts and skills in lime light.

What’s your take on the way women are portrayed on television? How do you pick roles?

To me, when picking a role I look for the potential the character might have and specially roles which empower women of all sorts.

Do you think writers now are writing better roles for women after years of damsels-in-distresses?

Yes I do believe so. As now women are not only coming forth with their good experiences but the bad ones as well, as women always had a voice but now it has been liberated and being penned down.

Is it hard to achieve success as a woman in this industry? Do you think it’s male-dominated?

In my opinion it’s hard to achieve success anywhere for anyone without working for it. So, the key to it is hard work, consistency and loads of positivity. 

What can your fans expect next from you?

To stay humble and still keep doing what I love.