LAHORE-Veteran actor Firdous Jamal has been under fire ever since he made insensitive remarks about Mahira Khan on Faysal Qurashi’s morning show. Many celebrities came out in support of the ‘Raees’ actor and criticised Jamal.

The latest blow has been dealt by producer Momina Duraid, who penned a lengthy note on Instagram and declared that her company, MD Productions “will not work with Firdous Jamal again in any capacity because of his ‘Sexiest’ remarks on Mahira Khan.”

Son of Jamal, Hamza Firdous, responded to the post of Momina Duraid and began a hash tag in support of his father, which began trending on twitter.

Hamza took to twitter to support his father and wrote, “I stood today for my father. On our behalf, the matter was already closed. But it was reopened by Momina Duraid to ban Firdous Jamal in a very disrespectful and abusive way. #Supportfirdousjamal.”

With the hash tag #Letsbringoutpride, actor Shaan Shahid was quick to tweet back in support of Firdous and other senior actors who have contributed a lot in Pakistani cinema but never got recognition.

Shaan said: “An artist lives in his own zone, he speaks his own language. His choice of words might be hated but his endless dedication to his work and his brilliance in acting can never be disrespected.”

On the other hand, actor Feroze Khan also came in support of the veteran actor. He took this issue on twitter and wrote: “My question is what freedom of speech gets you. Getting someone bread and butter cancelled. If it does then I want every single thief out there bashing any human being on the internet get cancelled the same way. Because you can’t, enough is enough. Get up before you are next.” He wrote.