Interior State Minister while addressing senate raised many questions on operational inefficiency of Safe city Project in Islamabad.

The statement came in the wake of SP Dawar kidnapping and murdered in Afghanistan. Safe city project was outcome of National action plan to make Major cities safe from Terrorist activity by deploying CCTV cameras on important places to bring them under constant watch. Govt has spent Rs. 13 Billion for Islamabad Safe city project alone by installing 1900 surveillance cameras out of which 711 are not functional for last two years with increase in crime rate in Federal territory.

Huawei Technologies had installed low quality camera that are not even capable enough to read Car number plates nor have face recognition function. Astonishingly these facts were also pointed out in Pakistan Today Report under headline “Crimes on rise in capital as over 700 safe city cameras dysfunctional” published in 5th June 2018.

According to this story when Journalist approached Huawei Technologies Representative Mr. Teddy Lee to respond on these inefficiencies he never bothers to reply and ignored his queries. This shows none-Serious attitude of Contractor in presenting his stance on this issue and think they enjoy complete immunity not to answer back to Pakistan people and media.

Why Govt turning blind eye to these malfunctioning of serious projects of Chinese Companies in Pakistan that ultimately pave way to securities flaws in protecting the lives and property of its citizens. I would like to appreciate Supreme Court decision for launching JIT inquiry against SP Dawar abduction and assassination which will unfold the reality behind these Failed projects. New Govt and Judiciary should take every step to make its citizens protected and put an end to the Chinese Monopoly of low-grade products to run our Security apparatus.


Islamabad, November 20.