NOORPUR THAL: Jamaat-e-Islami Khushab District Ameer Malik Muhammad Waris Jasra has said that a cruel and exploitative system is prevailed in the country and the common man is unable to fulfill the basic necessities.

Addressing party workers here, he said that the government is failed to improve education and health sectors. He said that only a strict and indiscriminate accountability could control corruption and misuse of funds. However, he said that the performance of accountability institutions so far is not satisfactory. He said that the ruling party’s promises to resolve energy crisis had proved hollow as outages were continuing despite the approach of winter. The energy crisis had badly hit the country’s industry and agriculture and industrial workers and farmers were taking to the streets.

He added the richest class could only get admission in the medical and engineering institutions while poor fathers could not even think of providing higher education to their children.–Staff Reporter

He said that in such a situation, it was necessary that the educated and sober section of the society came forward to lead the nation. JI local leaders Malik Abdullah and Malik Umar Farooq also addressed on the occasion.