MULTAN-Speakers at a function held in connection World Cancer Day pointed out that poor sanitation, environmental pollution, oblivion from disease and poor food are the major reasons for cancer spread in the society, asking the people to get themselves examined at least once a year.

The activity was organised by Multan Institute of Nuclear Medicine Radiotherapy (MINAR) Cancer Hospital.

Speaking on the occasion, Director MINAR Dr Muhammad Saqib Khan stressed the need for creating awareness among masses on importance of consulting doctor.

He said that a late diagnosis could lead to death while an early diagnosis could be a guarantee to recovery from the disease.

Dr Allah Rakha Adil said that latest research disclosed that 90 percent patients of cancer are curable while the remaining 10 percent died just because of late diagnosis or belated contact with the doctor. “Once cancer spreads in the body, its treatment becomes very difficult,” he added.

Dr Abdul Mateen said that the major reason behind alarming rise in cancer in South Punjab is living style and poor food. He stressed upon the people to prefer homemade food instead of eating from bazaar.

Dr Quratul Ain Hashmi said that the incidence of breast cancer was highly alarming among women. “It is because women don’t contact doctors due to shyness. We need to conduct awareness sessions in schools and colleges to make the girls aware of the importance of doctor and diagnosis,” she stressed.

Dr Arif Moen Qureshi and Dr Famia Abdullah also spoke on this occasion.