ISLAMABAD -  Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) Friday removed Fahim Gul Khan as head coach of Pakistan squash team on the basis of unsatisfactory performances.

It is highly strange and unwise move by the federation, as after Jamshed Gul Khan, Fahim was the only high-profile and experienced coach left in Pakistan, so instead of paying heed to so-called executive committee recommendations, who had no other job but to create hurdles in smooth functioning of Pakistan squash affairs, the PSF should have given free hands to Fahim to work freely and produce better results.

It was actually the executive committee, which should have long being dissolved, as they are the ones, who opposed inclusion of experienced Farhan Mehboob in Pakistan team for the prestigious World Team Squash Championship held in France last year. Their ego led to the worst performance of Pakistan team. It was bad planning and poor team selection which cost Pakistan team dearly and they had to finish 19th in the mega event. It has nothing to do with coaching of Fahim Gul. Even the world’s elite group of coaches praised the coaching skills of Fahim saying if he is given free hand, he can change the fortune of Pakistan squash, but here in Pakistan, no one is ready to let him work freely and produce wonders.

It was hoped that the PSF would remove flopped Pakistan National Squash Academy (PNSA) director Aftab Siddiq Qureshi, who is not more than a liability and doesn’t know the ABC of squash, but as he is confidant to senior vice president Air Marshal Shahid Akhtar Alvi, he has been enjoying the lucrative job. For the last two years, the gentleman just keeps on talking but failed to produce a single player. He is considered as big obstacle in the way of players, as he interferes too much and dictates his terms in including the players of his liking in the team.

The players also left the camp just because of Aftab’s rude behaviour, while legends had also time and again made it clear that he is not suitable for such an important job, but no heed was paid. Pakistan squash has been going down with each passing day and the latest PSA ranking is good enough to prove that the federation has completely failed just because of non-professional persons making all the shots.

Former senior vice president Razi Nawab and secretary had already inflicted huge damages on Pakistan squash. They were the ones, who sacked Jamshed Gul and abolished the head coach job. Their unwise moves forced top players like Aamir Atlas, Danish and others to turn their backs and leave Pakistan. The biggest blunder in their tenure was ban on Nasir Iqbal. Had they properly taken up Nasir’s issue, he would have been playing for Pakistan and would have been among top 20.

Now the federation is all set to appoint M Yasin as a coach for a certain period of time. Yasin is too old and a super flop coach but the federation is free to do whatever it likes. What is the purpose of hiring old coaches and why does the PSF want to destroy national kitty on foreign coaches, who will charge in millions? Why they forget that Pakistan is blessed with squash greats and why they don’t want to set their egos aside and think for the country and its squash?

Pakistani players have failed to win a minor international tournament, so winning the major titles is not more than day dreaming. They always talk about past glory, four decades of Pakistan’s dominance, but they forgot that now almost 23 years passed and Pakistani players failed to win a single major title. The PSF must have mercy on squash and players and immediately appoint reputed coach to steady the sinking ship of Pakistan squash. The PNSA director must be a former squash legend to ensure desired results or else, all the past glory days of Pakistan squash would only be remembered in history books.

When PSF secretary Group Captain Tahir Sultan was contacted, he confirmed that Fahim’s services are no more required. “Actually his contract was expired in September last year. We told him to evaluate his performances, as results were not coming what we were expecting.” He said the executive committee based on SVP, Qamar Zaman and Jahangir Khan took the decision of removing Fahim.