RAWALPINDI (Online)- Shortage of natural gas, CNG and LPG has followed petrol crisis and almost everyone has been affected. Rawalpindi city is in the grip of severe cold weather and citizens are unable to warm their houses because of shortage of electricity and gas. Electricity is expensive and available only for a few hours. Gas pressure in many residential areas is inadequate even for cooking or heating homes. An acute shortage of petrol has affected the routine of people. Petrol shortage has impacted mostly motorcyclists and luxury car owners who have not converted their vehicles to CNG. Majority of people owning CNG cars had not faced much hardship in getting fuel for their vehicles ever since cold weather set in. Petrol pumps are also unwilling to stock petrol fearing price drop. Petrol pump owners want their commission increased. Domestic users are suffering in many residential localities due to inadequate supply of gas and they get adequate gas pressure only after midnight when they cook food for next day. Some localities face no gas supply problem at all. Suburbs are facing more acute shortage than the main city. CNG stations are operating sporadically. Some stations have gas but the pressure is very low. Many CNG stations have completely closed down. This has increased pressure on operating stations. Motorists' line up for hours at CNG stations to get tanks filled. Shortage of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is not so acute but its price has increased substantially. Early renovation of Moharram procession route directed Nazim Rawal Town Sheikh Rashid Shafiq has directed relevant authorities to expedite renovation and repair work of Procession routes in month of Moharram. While talking to officials here in his office, he said, the concerned authorities have been asked to do work in double shifts so that early repairing of such roads could be ensured. Water and Sanitation Authority (WASA) have dig up various roads and streets to lay down sanitation and water pipelines therefore Punjab Government should restore funds of local body for reconstruction of roads, he said. He also asked Tehsil Municipal Administration to install streetlights and remove encroachments from the roads where the Procession of Muharram is scheduled to march. PPP Rawalpindi to celebrate Zulfiqar Bhutto's birthday with simplicity Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Rawalpindi Chapter has decided to celebrate 81st birthday of Party founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto with simplicity on January 05. Party leaders and workers of PPP would celebrate the birthday in Party Secretariat in Rawalpindi. City President PPP in a statement that keeping in view the respect of the holy month of Muharram and the death of Benazir, the birthday of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto would be celebrated with simplicity.