MIRPURKHAS - The district chapter of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is organising the party as directed by the party leadership, says Tauseef Malik, vice president of the PTI in Mirpurkhas District.

Talking to the media at the press club here on Monday, he said that party had been organised in six of seven talukas of the district. He said that people wanted to join the party and most of the new comers were young people.

He said that PTI chief Imran Khan and other party leaders would visit Mirpurkhas and other areas of interior Sindh soon under their party’s mass contact campaign.

Two houses gutted

Fire gutted two houses of peasants in Digri Taluka on Monday.

A fire broke out in a house and later engulfed another house. People in the houses remained safe. However, all household items and wheat stocks were burnt to ashes.  Fire brigade was called in to extinguish the fire. Soomar Shedi, one of the people affected by the fire, said that short-circuiting caused the fire.


Body of Walho Bheel, a labourer who died in the custody of Digri police under mysterious circumstance on Sunday morning, was still lying at the Digri taluka hospital, as police had failed to trace his family.

It is worth mentioning here that the hospital has no morgue.

Police had said that Walho had committed suicide with the help of a rope in the washroom of a police lockup.

Walho’s wife and mother-in-law had got registered a domestic violence case against him. Resultantly, police had arrested him on Saturday evening.