SIALKOT-As many as 34 persons drowned in canals and rivers in separate incidents across Sialkot district during the outgoing year of 2018. Sialkot District Emergency Officer Syed Kamal Abid informed that as many 67 persons were killed in separate road traffic accidents (RTAs) occurred in Sialkot district during 2018. He said that a total 8,764 people (6,815 males and 1,949 women) were affected in a total of 7848 road traffic accidents occurred last year in the district. He revealed that rescuers of Rescue 1122 Sialkot provided emergency relief services to as many as 18,951 people while responding 17,911 emergency calls during 2018.

He said that people of Sialkot made a total of 440,110 calls to Rescue 1122 Sialkot during 2018, out of which 38,482 calls were responded while 4,354 calls were turned out to be hoax besides people made 37,9364 prank calls to Rescue 1122 Sialkot during 2018. Syed Kamal Abid said that total 664 incidents of fire were reported in the district during 2018, in which two persons died of their serious burns while fire-fighters of Rescue 1122 Sialkot saved 24 lives during these incidents. They also provided medical services to 7,239 people in separate incidents.