ISLAMABAD - Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Anti-Corruption Circle has started inquiry against Commissioner Rawalpindi Zahid Saeed, DCO Saqib Zaffar, CPO Azhar Hameed and SSP Operation Yaseen Farooq for allegedly living beyond ostensible means. According to details, the office of Deputy Director FIA Anti-Corruption Circle vide letters No.Fia/DD/ACC/RE-109, 110,111,112/11 to joint secretary (D&I) has demanded of the Establishment Division, Govt of Pakistan, Islamabad, that the copies of declarations of assets of the above said officers should be sent on urgent basis to FIA office for early conclusion of the inquiries. The FIA was having concrete information of the assets collected by the said officers by illegal means. FIA Anti-Corruption Circle has demanded of the Establishment Division detailed information about the officers. , which should include the full names as in official documents, temporary addresses, permanent addresses, districts of domicile, CNIC numbers, passports number with date and places of issues, date of entry into government services with ranks, places of postings with dates, particulars of suppose with profession if other than house wife, places of posting with dates and particulars of children. Furthermore, the details of children education and names of schools, colleges and universities where they are studying, fees being paid for each son, daughter including copies of last six vouchers and bill paid, details of clubs joined with membership fee, last 12 month bill paid to the clubs joined fee, details of the visits abroad both official and private with dates, detail of all personal, spouse and children bank accounts with balance at credit in each account, detail of the moveable and immoveable properties held in your spouse and childrens names have also been demanded. Similarly, the particular of the vehicles owned by you, your spouse and children, details of cell phone numbers of self, spouse and children, utility bills paid in the last 12 month with copies of utilities bill, list oaf all blood relations both self and spouse with CNIC numbers and copes of assets declared have been demanded by the FIA authorities.