LAHORE - The World Sports Journalists Day was observed not only in Pakistan but also in other countries to mark the services of sports journalists for the promotion of sports. 

Pakistan Sports Writers Federation (PSWF), Sports Writers Association of Punjab (SWAP) and Sports Journalists Association of Lahore (SJAL) in collaboration with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Sports and Cultural Forum organised a seminar on Tuesday here at a local hotel to mark the services of sports journalists. PTI’s leader Dr Murad Ross was chief guest while former Test cricketer Abdul Qadir graced the occasion as guest of honour.

The speakers lauded the services of sports journalists for the betterment of sports and appealed to the government to take pragmatic steps in resolving the issues being faced by them.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Murad said: “The status which Pakistan sports has been enjoying includes not only the hard work and dedication of our sportsmen who despite lack of facilities have been earning good name for country but the sports journalists also have a great contribution in it and their services cannot be neglected in this regard.”

“It is a sports journalist who makes aware the nation and common people about the fact and figures of every sporting event and matter and if any team or individual make mistakes, they not only point out those faults but also extend their expert opinions to get rid of them,” he added.

Test cricket Abdul Qadir said those were sports journalists who brought the performances of players from fields to headquarters of various games and highlighted their performances in true letter and spirit. “Sports journalists are pillars of sports and without them, it will be very difficult for common people to remain aware of facts and figures of different sporting events. I appeal to all of them to work honestly and promote sports to great heights.”

“I am very delighted to be part of this seminar and I hope the sports journalists’ community will carry on holding such healthy seminars in future too to mark their services in the field of sports,” he added.

PSWF president Shahid Sheikh said: “Without sports journalists, the rapid progress of sports and sportsmen is not possible as they keep aware sports lovers. Many of sports journalists did tremendous work for sports and sportsmen and we pay tribute to them and I hope sports journalists will work honestly and for the betterment of sports and sportsmen.” Meanwhile, the PSWF president also nominated Mona Rana of BBC Urdu as member of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) women wing executive board.